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To accomodate our customers' busy schedules, we have extended our hours and are now open later.


About Us

Graffiti Graffics Inc. starts with the idea of turning your wrap’s needs into reality. We begin by listening to your needs and then meeting them. Graffiti Graffics provides stunning designs, color, and installations. We have done hundreds of wraps just by word of mouth. So if you want it done right – Graffiti Graffics is the only one to use. That is because we see it from start to finish and stand behind our work that is completed in-house. When your project is finished you won’t find air bubbles, winkles or overlap cuts everywhere. We wrap around all of the doors, hoods, lights, and handles instead of trimming at the edges. I would put our work above anyone’s out there. Many companies give wraps a bad name with the poor designs and hack job installations. Trust me, I’ve been beat on price and later asked if this is the way a wrap should look. All I can say is price isn’t always the best choice. The other guys have the ‘ten foot rule,’ ‘Looks good from ten feet!’ Most of the time it’s months later and the wrap is peeling and cracking. Click HERE to see what we are talking about. We pride ourselves that our wrap will look like paint when it’s finished and stay that way. I’ve had the same wrap on my truck and boat and everyone can’t believe it’s been on for over five years. Our clients keep coming back with new projects because they know they are getting the best out there. We’ve had clients move out of state and pay to fly us down to wrap their belongings because they know the other guys can’t compare to us. Take a look at our work – I know you have seen these vehicles around town. Whether it’s a 42' boat or a hockey goalie helmet, we can wrap just about anything.

Rod Rumer
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